BORN & RAISED CONSTRUCTION LOGOPowered by leg muscles and fire, the SaunaVelo is the manifestation of many passions for southeast Portland resident Simon Lyle. At its core, the cedar wood structure that sits atop a bicycle trailer is simply a place to warm up. But it’s also a mobile community builder. After all, it’d be difficult to enjoy its warmth — usually done wearing only your skivvies — without getting to know the people huddled next to you.


For Lyle, the 37-year old builder who grew up near the Buckman neighborhood of inner southeast Portland, the SaunaVelo is a fun side-project.

As he began to draw up plans and gather the parts and materials for the subframe, ribbing, and wood stove, Lyle began to realize that a small structure with heat could have other uses.

A product of Portland Public Schools, Lyle got into the building trades and was mentored by local housing developer (and Portland Planning Commissioner) Eli Spevak of Orange Splot LLC. Now co-owner of Born and Raised Construction (along with his brother Rion), Lyle specializes in residential projects, tiny homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

(This about page was taken from BikePortland.org – Johnathan Maus)

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